Bespoke Software - Rapid Application Design

Welcome to Mark Andrew Smith Limited.  We specialise in providing clients with quality bespoke software in which to support their business, reducing effort, increasing accuracy and profitability.  Additionally we can introduce software checks into your business in which to increase governance and also compliance standards.

Bespoke Programming

Your Bespoke Software Needs

We have a range of options to ensure that software development is not as costly as you think.  Once you have chosen the route that suits your business the best, we will document the details of these in a "System Specification" document.  This will then be broken down into a series of steps that our programming team can work with.  These steps are added into our Development Support System, which all clients have access to.  This enables you to see that we have not missed anything, and you can see at a glance how your project is progressing on an hourly basis.  It also allows you to see our detailed testing plans, and check your software is working long before it is delivered. 

Three Ways Of Providing You With Software For Your Business

We have three ways, detailed below, in which we can provide you with quality bespoke software for your business, this really comes down to budget and delivery date needs.  All three methods of bespoke software delivery are supported by our quality control, see "Quality" above, to ensure that we deliver error free software to meet your requirements.  Our three differing ways depend on your business requirements and are as follows:

1. Totally Bespoke Software

2. Modular Bespoke Software

3. Off Our Shelf Software

Where we write cross platform bespoke software for your business, tailored specifically to your needs.  You own and retain the code.  No code is shared from other projects, so your are safe in knowledge that your competitors do not have similar code.  This also means we are unable to share the costs elsewhere, and alas, is the most expensive route as non of the development costs can be shared.  Fully bespoke can also take the longest to test, complete and deliver.


Where we write cross platform bespoke code for you, calling and requiring free modular sub-components that we have already written on existing projects elsewhere.  Mark Andrew Smith Limited retains the rights of any code we write for you so that we can make these into modules for later reuse.  This is where the modular components come from.  Our development costs are shared on an equal basis between you the client and Mark Andrew Smith Limited, ie a 50:50 cost basis on only the new modules we write.


The fastest route to solving a software problem, and also the least expensive, as it takes something we have off the shelf and implementing it for your business.  We would then rent you the software running on our servers for a very modest monthly charge.

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