About Us

Mark Andrew Smith Limited is an Irish multi-national privately held technology company based in Dublin specialising in SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies on our own globally clustered Linux platform. Although the company started out by Mark Andrew Smith in 1992 as a sole trader in the United Kingdom, it grew and became a limited company there in 1998. Through further success and growth, Mark Andrew Smith Limited became a multi-national and a global player in 2013, and now styles itself as the Mark Andrew Smith Group with our head office in Ballsbridge, south Dublin 4.

Our History

Whilst still at school, from 1983 to after leaving school and through to 1992, Mark wrote open source software under the pseudonym "Application Soft" for the Acorn range of machines, BBC Model A, B, B+, and B with Second Processor, Econet and Acorn Electron.  Software was supplied on tape, disc, and if the software was developed in machine code, typically as a EPROM to be installed into the computer with instantaneous availability. Software was at first written in BBC BASIC, then later in pure 6502 assembly language/machine code.  We have registered the UK domain name ApplicationSoft.co.uk, perhaps for future use.

The Early Years

The current Business started out in 1992 as "Mark Andrew Smith", as a sole trader, providing PC Support to small and local Business near where I lived at the time in Lowton (Near Warrington, England).

Over the next few years the number of clients grew and we started supplying custom made PC's to small business clients. In case of failure, we maintained a small number of "courtesy" computers. Our courtesy computers were infrequently deployed and so we looked for avenues to use them as a secondary revenue stream. In 1995, saw the birth of our Computer Hire section where we hired out these PC's (and later other equipment) as hire computers.

The Birth Of Mark Andrew Smith Limited

One of our clients was backed by a local Council, and to be awarded a new contract to supply and support a large number of computers around the Manchester area we would have to change status to a limited company. Many of our clients new the name "Mark Andrew Smith" and so in 1998 the very un-imaginative company name "Mark Andrew Smith Limited" was born. At this time, my father, Eddie Smith, came into the Business to act as Company Secretary and offer general Business advice as the business was moving into new avenues.

The Millennium came and went without any hick ups as predicted by ourselves so long as you ensured that you had a recent BIOS and Operating System. Later that year, the market for PC's dried up as most clients had recently replaced their computers the year before. In 2001, we decided to stop building PC's and concentrate on our Consultancy and PC Support.

We added hosting and server support to the line up of services offered during 2002 and we started looking into Linux as an alternative to Microsoft servers. The cost implications and the security impact was immense and so we migrated our data services to Linux by 2003.

During 2004 and 2005, the computer hire side of the Business was showing signs of a massive slow down as many sole trader training companies were no longer hiring from us. Where we used to be all over the United Kingdom with our hire equipment, we were only hiring around the London area. We decided to close the computer hire side in August 2005.

System Innovations Ltd Merger

In 2005 we decided to expand our data hosting facilities, not only offering website hosting and data backup to our own equipment, but offer a new server service called MyServer. MyServer is a virtual private file server service and allows the connectivity of users in differing geographic locations to work together privately. In August, we were offered the chance to acquire the hosting side of System Innovations Ltd and take over their client base which we agreed and did on 1st October 2006. This gave us strategic access to AceFlex and become the UK Partner to ICN for their AceFlex framework software for hosting B2C and B2B shopping malls on the Windows server platform.

By 2006, we launched SpamSafeMail, allowing private individuals to take advantage of email filtering services that large companies enjoy from ourselves as part of MyServer. Immediately after Easter we added a Terminal Server machine into our data centre for our MyServer users to use as yet another flexible method of connecting in.

Our immediate plans during 2007/8 are to expand the server facilities we have and continue to serve our dedicated client base with our exceptional standards of service. We currently have three technical staff as a small family run concern.

Our Own Help Desk

In 2010 we started up our own IT support help desk for all of our hosted clients.  Our decision to take this in house was to guarantee the quality of the help and advice we give along with providing that close match between the IT team and the client.

Mark Andrew Smith Group

On the 22nd February 2013, Mark Andrew Smith Limited was formed in Ireland, registered company number 524245, and our head office relocated there shortly afterwards.  In Ireland, our operation is cross platform software design, writing, testing and sales.  Both company arms will act as a single multi-national company sharing some wider are network services, furthering our desire to be a one stop shop for all your data needs. 

In 2014, we decided to support other IT technical companies by offering our software as a service toolset to any technology company on either a revenue sharing our monthly rental basis.  We now offer Spam Safe Mail and Case Centre Pro along with other hosting services to other technology companies.

Our Future Roadmap

Our long term plans are to offer a one stop shop of excellence for all software design, server and network needs for clients.  We additionally plan to be able to write more industry sector toolsets which are cross platform for all computers, laptops, servers, tablets and websites giving small business a large competitive advantage through integration.  Watch this space.....