Our Other Services On Our Wider Area Network

Mark Andrew Smith Limited has it's own global network, linked via virtual private networks (VPNs) over various other networks.  We have a number of our own Linux servers, working as a distributed redundant cluster based in Dublin (Ireland), Boston (USA) and Manchester (UK), providing a service that will continue to operate even if there was a failure of a node, network, power, or data centre.

Some of our other services are listed below.  Click on the logos to follow links to their websites.


Service List

Service Description
MyServer Cloud
Remote Desktop
MyServer is a remote desktop cloud based service with Microsoft Office run totally by Mark Andrew Smith Limited.  It is possible to install your own software.  It can Include all our other services as listed below plus your IT Support.
Spam Safe Mail Spam and virus filtering at the network level before the email arrives at your own email servers.
Case Centre Pro Reactive maintenance help desk and CRM software.
Teddar An free search engine. 
Website Hosting Linux Apache MySQL PHP Perl website hosting.
MySQL Cluster We have our own High Availability MySQL database cluster with multiple nodes.
Network Infrastructure Leased lines, broadband, long range inter building 5GHz WiFi.  Virtual Private Networks.