Hour Rates of Our Bespoke Software Development Services?

We believe that developing your business software requirements shouldn't be expensive, with this we openly publish our software development rate card so that you can see up front our rates and costs to you.  As a valued client, we prefer you to operate on a pay as go basis.  We offer detailed weekly invoicing as standard, and this is based on the approved tasks in the "dev sys" (development system) as you approve them and we complete them.

Price List


Bespoke Modular Off Shelf  

Guaranteed Pricing

Cost sharing basis

100% 50% Rental
Standard hourly rate 49.50 24.50 See Notes
Standard day rate (7 hours) 299.50 149.50 See Notes
Standard day rate (over 7 hours) 399.50 199.50 See Notes
Travel costs / Hotels / Meals etc. At Cost At Cost n/a
Follow Up Support 49.50 49.50 49.50
User Training or Re-Training 49.50 49.50 49.50

Notes: Off the Shelf software as a service is priced on a monthly rental basis and current pricing is available on that services website.


All prices exclude VAT at 23%.  POE excepted.