Quality Control In Our Software Development

How do we reassure you of our quality in our bespoke software that we develop for your business?  Well, these are the quality control steps that we go through in which to output quality software..... 

Guaranteed Quality Control
Guaranteed Quality Control

1. Initial Requirement Meeting


4. Initial Unit Testing


7. User Acceptance Testing

We will have a face to face initial meeting in which you can explain the business background and requirements to us.  This will include the direction you are taking as a business from your business plan.  This ensures that your software is "future" proof as seen at the time that your three or five year business plan was written.


This is where our programming team will have run through a module that it works by itself without error, however, we may not have tested this module co-exists with other modules.  Since modern software is very modular, this will need further testing.


This is where we return back to you the client to formally obtain acceptance that the developed software is to your exact requirements.  At this meeting, if you pass the software, we will class this as "delivered".  We will obtain from you a "go live" date, with an alternative in case there is a technical reason as to why the software cannot be deployed on the initial date.  On this date, the delivered software will be deployed.

2. System Specification


5. Pre-Production Testing


8. Deployment Into Production

This document sets out all the requirements of the bespoke software design for your business.  You will be required to check this document carefully as it will set out the contract of what you are asking us to develop.  Amendments may cause additional expense, so it is best to get this correct first time.  This document is not required for our off the shelf software, as by nature, it is off the shelf.


This is where we will test all of the modules together, using as much real life data as we can.  We will ask the business for some data that they would expect to either feed into our out of the software.  We will create a test plan and run the software to this test plan.  Any failures will be fed back to our development support system software and the task re-opened and a note made on the task as to why it failed in test, ready for rectification.

  This is where you as the client will allow us to deploy the software as delivered above on the date that you have chosen.  As part of deployment we will ensure that the user documentation is ready and that optional user training has been carried out.

3. Task List


6. Cross Platform Testing


9. Aftercare And Software Support

Based on the above system specification, for all the requirements in business terms will be broken down into a number of tasks that we as developers will be giving to our programming team.  These are entered on our development support system, and for each task, you as a client have access to and approve.  This controls speed of development at your pace, and quality, as you can ensure that we have not missed anything, nor have anything incorrect.  Additionally, if a specification needs to be changed, then, we can add a change request task to ensure that this is picked up.


In cases where the application will be run under different operating systems, if applicable, then we will include cross platform testing after the pre-production testing phase.


  All our software comes with a 12 month software warrantee from the date of purchase (or deployment as described above) against software errors.  This does not include further changes to specifications which are chargeable should your business require future changes.  However, these changes will be charged at our normal rates.  We additionally offer user training or retraining as your business requires, and this is a chargeable optional extra as clients users can come and go.